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An old company with a modern outlook, governed by traditional values would be an accurate way to describe our fundamental belief system.


Honesty, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction are the core values which drive us.


When it comes to our company's operating structure we encourage an environment of freedom and openness - where everyone has an equal right and opportunity to express their opinion - regardless of their position in the hierarchy.


While we have diversified our business ventures, we treat each area of our work with equal importance and have a team which consists of dedicated members who ensure that quality and customer satisfaction standards are met across the board.

Having started from humble beginnings in the Jute trade we are now active in multiple sectors, and at present our working family has grown to more than 600 members and counting.


Our value system is defined by high ethical standards and an undying spirit for philanthropy; values which have led us towards establishing schools and hospitals for the benefit of society specially for those that belong to the less privileged strata.

Now in our 5th generation the current members of the family continue to follow the traditions and guidance laid down by our ancestors to work towards the betterment of society denouncing social, racial and caste discrimination.


Let’s take this opportunity to work together and create a better world.


Thank You!

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