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Best Eco Friendly Long Lasting Dried Flowers for Home Decor

There is no doubt that fresh flowers are considered as one of the ultimate beautiful luxuries of life. Still, replacing them time to time is a bit time consuming and relatively expensive. Therefore, it is not at all surprising if some flora fans search for any commendable alternatives that can look attractive and can last for loner time thereby saving money too. Though, artificial flowers already have great popularity, but still the most real ones are not actually real. That is exactly where dry flowers come in to the limelight. Commonly sold in bunches in the form of single stems or wreaths, the fashion of dried flowers looks to be emerged from weddings, where they are extensively used in bouquets, so that they can cherish those sentiments for a longer time even after the event finishes. Although, dried flowers and their immediate emergence are not limited to weddings alone, many people are spending on them to decorate their spaces. And what can be better than these that dried flowers are exceptionally eco-friendly and come with an extended shell life and assure biodegradability as well as low carbon print at the same time.

Let’s have a look at some best eco-friendly long lasting dried flowers to decorate your home or workplace.

Bowl Fillers

Bowl fillers, comes in an extensive range of shapes & sizes and are flawless way to fill any empty vases thereby giving aesthetic look around you. Though flowers and vases are an object of beautification in itself, but still they look empty and isolated without floras, Bowl fillers are the best way to fill in the emptiness when you don’t get time to change the flowers of your vase. Bowl fillers usually include numerous types of dried flowers such as Lotus pods, sola flower balls, Lata balls, sticks, Pine cones or potpourris.

Bouquets & Sheaf

A classic arrangement of floral ornamentation, bouquets stands an eternal choice to rejoice the enthusiasm of almost any season or festival placed together. By making dried flowers a strong venture in the form of Bouquets, the story takes a serious turn. In contrast, Sheafs are specialised dried flower which impacts a complete new look for your interior spaces. They are generally brought in bunches and are significance of thin flower stalks and look beautiful while placed in long vases along with other fresh or dried flowers. Furthermore, sheafs brings a natural look and hence once can keep them together with any accessories or furniture. Therefore, they are extremely appropriate for home decor requirements and derived in a wide range of colours to choose from.

Sola Flowers

A gist from traditional sola balls for decorating home, sola flowers denotes to soft white tissues taken from sola plant. These tissues are highly versatile and spongy as it can be crafted to any shape or arrangement as per your choice. Sola can be effortlessly shaped and designed into numerous dissimilar designs that comprise: Shola Artichokhe, Shola Beauty Rose, Shola Beli, Shola Bud, Shola Cabbage Ball Assort, Shola Charkhi Rose, Shola Chip Skin Rose, Shola Chips Skin Ball, Shola Crepe Skin Ball, Shola Flower, Shola Folded Daliya, Shola Folded Rose, Shola Horizontal Zebra Ball, Shola Log Ball Skin, Shola Lotus Bud, Shola Lotus, Shola Mouchak Skin, Shola Multi Chip Rose and many more.

One can also use these sola flowers along with perfumed candles to give a touch of good fragrance.

Decorative Flowers & Fruits

Decorative flowers and fruits are ornamental pieces that help to spruce up one’s house ambiance readily. Coming in an extensive range of colours, sizes and shapes, decorative flowers & fruits varieties from like Jute Apple, Wood Petal Deco Rose, Coir Pumpkin, Palm Sunny, Pana Pumpkin, Betal Rose, Jacaranda.

Deco flowers & fruits give an elegant ambiance to any place and is an assured approach to grab the attention on viewers. Additional best thing about deco flowers & fruits is that you can choose them by matching the colours with any specific surrounding, such as colour of walls or a particular backdrop and present furniture.

To decorate your home and workplace, shop natural dried flowers online, visit our website and place you order now!

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