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Decor Ideas with Palm Spears

One of the popular dried flower products is Palm Spear. There are various dried flower products that are made using different parts of Palm tree. Among those, some beautiful decorative products which are created using palm spear in different shape and sizes are Sun Palm Spear, Jumbo Palm Spear, Mini Palm Spear, Palm Spear Round, Jumbo Sun Palm Spear, Mini Sun Palm Spear, etc. Click here to view some beautiful pictures of Palm Spear and other palm products.

These infinitely beautiful, eco-friendly, and stylish sticks are used in several ways. These lovely sticks are those beautiful gifts from nature which can help us to makes our ambiances lively and bright. And the main reason behind the popularity of this product is its huge range of color availability. Palm is a very good color absorbent therefore these palm spears can be easily colored as per your choice such as glitter, bleach, pastel paint shades, watercolors, metallic colors, etc.

Let’s see some amazing ways to use this eco-friendly palm spear to bring color and beauty to your life:

Wedding Decoration: You can make a leafy structure as your wedding backdrop using Jumbo Palm Spears, Palm Sun Spears, etc. These backdrops not just look beautiful while clicking pictures but they also give you an exotic, aesthetic, and classy look to your wedding decoration. These products are completely eco-friendly and do not cause any kind of damage to the environment in any way just like fresh flowers do thereby making them, more, needed thereby improving the awareness of the usage of eco-friendly products.

Home Accents: Since this palm spear comes in various sizes and colors, this can be used in any shaped or sized pots or vases. Just by putting these palm spears in your pots, vases, big jars or even in a basket, you can create an everlasting stunning exotic arrangement. You can also go for colorful palm spears by combing 2-3 different colors according to the shades of your room thereby giving a happy and bright look to your home. The best thing about these products is that they at extremely affordable, and everlasting, also they need very less maintenance, and more than that they are eco-friendly.

Making Name Place Card for Weddings or Parties: Since these palm spears looks immaculate; these can be used as beautiful base for any place card. You can make your personalized card by gluing the name and pictures of that specific person for whom you are supposed to be seated there. You can even go with color segregations such as one color for all bride’s guests and another color for all groom’s guests. These palm spears gives an aesthetic look to the tables and the best part is these are always available in the market.

Store, Boutique or Restaurant Decoration: Nowadays almost all stores, boutiques or restaurants look for interior decoration ideas to make their place look more attractive along with spreading the message of environmental care. Generally, Palm spears or Sun Palm Spears suits the best for Wall decorations. These wonderful structures create an everlasting impression over the customers and make it really tough to forget. It is really amazing to see that this one product can be used for making numerous types of structures, decors or color combinations. It is certainly one of the best and most affordable, pioneering interior decoration idea which significantly increases the glory of any place.

DIY Craft Solution for Decor Ideas: These attractive sticks look so beautiful that these can be used in any decor idea such as making innovative handmade cards, or gift toppers, or make rustic cake toppers, to create homemade decorative wreaths or can be used as a DIY flower pot arrangement, and many more. Once you use this product, it will become an essential item for your craft and decor necessaries.

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