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Demand of Dried Flower Exporters in India

Dried Flower created an exceptional place in parties and festivities because of its long-lastingness and wide range of decorative possibilities, when compared with fresh flowers which wither in a very short span. Dried Flowers are long lasting and eco-friendly and it is considered as a contemporary alternate for fresh flowers. And the best part is these are available round-the-year.

By applying various drying and dyeing techniques to the flowers and their parts, such as seeds, shoots, barks, etc. one can easily start a dried flower shop or can become a dried flower dealer thereby building a highly profitable business all over the world.

Dried Flowers always had a great demand in India as well as in the International Markets. And, India is one of the biggest Dried Flower Exporter for the countries like USA, Europe, UAE, Japan, etc.

By owing the obtainability of diversity of plants, India stands in the 1st position as a Dried Flower Exporters. India exports around 500 different varieties of flowers to over 20 countries cross the world. Hence, India does a business of around 100 Crore Indian rupees per year, from these dried flowers and plant parts export industry. And, around 70% of the dry flower export of India is done from West Bengal.

The Dried Flowers and Plant Parts are broadly used for creating various Craft or DIY items such as Potpourri, Dry Flower Handicrafts and Handmade, Dry Flower Pots, Vine Creations, Balls, Shola Decorative, etc.

Is the Dried Flower Exporters Business Profitable in India?

Yes, if appropriate marketing and facilities are given to this business, then it can be very profitable. If one nurture and dry their own flowers, they can create a lot of profit in this dried flower business. Flowers are considered as one of the greatest money-making plants in the market. So, whoever wants to begin this business can pick their prices on the basis of their local demand.

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