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Dried Flower Decoration or Creative Uses

From years, botanists, hobbyists or artists, are drying flowers and plants to create innovative and eye-catching art works or decor items.

The main reason behind using dried flowers is that with proper care they can be used for years! Yes, you can use these as beautiful keepsakes for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding.

So, let’s check out some amazing dried flower decoration or creative use ideas:

1. Arranging in a Vase

One of the easiest ways to exhibit dried flowers is arranging them in a vase along with some natural dried grasses and fillers.

At first you can insert some floral foam at your jar’s base. Then you can evenly distribute the largest foliage first, followed by arranging some larger dried flowers or leaves or grasses & fillers. Also, you can trim the stem lengths to create your desirable shape.

You can create stunning centerpiece using vase of any style, or for a change, you can try a basket or straw tote.

2. Make Creative Wreath or Flower Crown

Create dried flower crown or wreath for your wedding. You can start by choosing the colour combination as per your wedding dress or wedding theme or you can go with the season. You can create a gorgeous and stunning dried flower crown using all natural and wild textures of dry flowers in lovely way.

You can even match your dried flower crown with your boutonniere. You can create a mini bouquet and wrap its stems using floral tape, and decorative ribbon. These too together will give you a perfect look!

By using long-lasting dried flowers you can keep it as a keepsake for life.

3. Making Floral Resin Coasters

Making DIY floral resin coaster is a very easy and pleasurable method to create a handmade botanical gift for your family or friends. You can make this DIY as a holiday activity with your kids. This can be a beautiful exercise for you. Also, these will keep your tea/coffee table stain-free and make your living room attractive.

4. Add Tiny Dried Flowers & Foliage at your Gift Wrapping

You can add a tiny floral note at all your gift wrapping by attributing dried flowers & foliage bouquets. You can use some twine to wrap your gift and then keep your dried flowers bouquet on the top of the twine. Finally, tie it with a safe knot or bow and your beautiful dried flower gift is ready.

Using this lovely idea you can wrap gifts for Birthday’s, Weddings, Mother’s Day, etc.

5. Adding Dried Flowers to Phone Case

If you want to have your favourite dried flowers always with to you, then you can add them to your phone case in a smart way.

When you have perfectly dry and flat flowers, then, place them on your phone case. Generally odd numbers of flowers looks the best. Keep these flowers in place by using clear PVA glue or clear resin. After the glue dry, you can insert your phone and use it as a general phone case.

6. Place Dried Flowers or Leaves in your Journal, Personal Letters or Cards

Pressed or dried flowers have personal sentiments and by making gift cards or pasting them in letters or journal you can keep it as a memory for long time.

7. Making Beautiful Mini-Art Pieces

You can make beautiful static art pieces using your favourite flowers you received as gift or wedding bouquet or you can also use the flower you love from your garden and dry it. These pressed and dried flowers look superb when bounded into a clear glass frames on walls, side tables or desks.

You can also visit our blog page to get various ideas for using dried flowers for decoration or for creating beautiful artworks for your house, office, or to offer them as a gift.

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