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Dried Flowers Decor for Weddings

Dried flowers are as important as conserved gems. They signify an assorted feel and are impressively used afar from just home decor. Dry flowers don’t just have the power to take over the conventional fresh flowers but they can also go over faux flowers. Extraordinarily, they offer us with a complete new vibrant theme. Today, dried flowers have great demand and many couples are opting them for their D-Day besides going for fresh flowers. One can make stand-out ornamentation item by incorporating diverse blooms, other botanical ferns, wild grasses, etc. These dried flowers gives vintage, traditional or modern slash contemporary weddings. If you are concern about fragrance of dry flowers then don’t worry these flowers do carry sweet residual fragrance in them or you can also spray organic fragrances on them. You can get unlimited options for creating dried flower arrangements and masterpieces such as bouquets, garlands, backdrops, boutonnieres and many more.

Bouquets for Bride & Bridesmaids

To create the classic vibe of a traditional wedding, dried flower bouquets will be best for the bride and the bridesmaid. These bouquets can be created using roses, chamomile, lavender, carnations, rice flower, etc. along with branches of the money plant and pussy willow with some palm leaves, chrysanthemum leaves or eucalyptus and then can be tied using satin or jute ribbon.

Overhead Arrangement for Dining Area

For wedding diners dried flowers can create stunning overhead table arrangement. These breath-taking natural domes can easily replace shiny chandeliers. These overhead arrangements can be made using dried flowers, thin twigs, curly ferns, long wild grass, etc.

Dried Flower Tiara

Beautiful dried flowers can be combined with little blossoms to make lovely floral tiara for the bride. Now a day, these customized bridal tiaras are on trend and many brides opt this tiara with their wedding attire.

Flower Garlands on Walls and Tables

Dried flowers garlands can be used to decorate walls and tables at your wedding venue. Garlands made with dried flowers can give an incredible look with 3D effect to the blank walls. Other than wall decorations these garlands can also be used to emphasize the look of long dining tables when dangled in distance; parallel with the ceiling.

Decorative Centrepieces and Table Runners

Not just overhead arrangements you can also use these dried flowers as a decorative centre piece for round dining table. You can also steal the show with beautiful dried flowers table runners. A ceramic vase with gorgeous dried flower arrangement can do a great job.

Dried Flower Backdrop and Arch

Outstanding ceremonial arches can be prepared using diverse shaped, sized and textured botanicals. They have exceptional look and are perfect decoration where one can capturing outstanding photos. With appropriate lighting, the backdrop can look more stunning when compared with any professional studio set up.

Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to choose dry flowers for your wedding. You can also contact us to get dried flowers as we are popular natural dried flowers exporters form Kolkata, India.

Benefits of Dried Flowers:

· Easy to maintain. Don’t require water or care.

· Easily made in advance with very less efforts. Just keep them to dry out entirely in a dry and cool place.

· Cheaper when compared with fresh flowers. Fresh flowers cost high and are available only in specific seasons.

· Suits all type of theme like Vintage, Classic, Modern, Boho, Fancy, Minimalistic, etc. Surprisingly dry flowers decor synchronizes very with all wedding themes.

· Dry flower decorations are eco-friendly.

· Even after wedding you can preserve these flowers as a lovely memory of your special day. These flowers will cherish your wedding memories for longer time.

· These flowers are resourceful because this decorative causes very less wastage.

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