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Gift Dried Flowers on Birthdays & Anniversaries to Your Loved Ones

Birthdays & anniversaries are those much-awaited merriments when individuals express their love and gratitude to their loved ones. Presenting parties or dinner dates are some gifts that receivers will love and appreciate, but their happiness will be its extreme if you gift them something really unique.

If you are looking for a gift beyond chocolate boxes or rose bouquets, then a customized arrangement of dried flower will best the best choice for you. Fresh flowers are popular choice, but dried flowers are the pest option for sustainability and environment-friendliness. Therefore, gifting dried flowers on birthdays and anniversaries are a seamless idea. Dried flowers have a unique charisma and persona, and you can get them in your favorite color. Also, with dried flowers, you can create customized arrangements comprising dried palm leaves, sola flowers, twigs, pampas grass, etc.

Consider the below reasons to recognize and understand the beauty of dry flowers:

Allergy-free flowery arrangements

There are people who are allergic to fresh flowers such as roses, sunflowers, etc. or some suffers from hay fever. In that case, fresh flowers are always impossible to use as gift. Even if they love the beauty of flowers, they can’t go near them because of their allergic reactions.

But, exotic dried flowers arrangements don’t contain pollen, hence they are allergy free. Beautiful dried flower arrangements helps allergic people to adore the beauty of flowers. A dried flowers bouquet can be a good gift option when placed in an elegant vase or any other arrangement using your favorite flower.

Dried flower lasts long

Fresh flowers are vibrant with amazing smell and they are used as pleasing gifts for all types of occasions. But, these flowers don’t last long as they wilting and dying very soon.

Instead, dried flowers can be an ideal gift for people who admire beauty. Dyed flowers can come in countless colors as per your preference, and also you don’t have to wait for any particular season too when you are planning to gift dried flowers. Besides, with appropriate care, dried flowers can be kept for months or even years. Therefore, the prettiness of the flowery arrangement can be relished for a longer time.

Low maintenance required for dried flowers and palm leaves

Fresh flowers has gorgeous look, but require high maintenance. They need water, sunlight and other essential plant food to remain vibrant and continue their shine for 7-10 days. And if you gift fresh flowers to someone who lacks to maintain things, then dried flower and palm leaves arrangements will be the best options. Dry flower arrangements looks best in vases and need occasional dusting. These flowers don’t require water however they must be kept away from strong windy places and children reach.

Even if you don’t maintain dried flowers & grasses, you must keep them in a moisture-free place such as kitchens or bathrooms. Dry flowers kept in moisture rooms may shorten the flower’s lifespan and can also boost mold growth in them. Also, with occasional dusting the flowers can look their best. Lastly, they should be placed away from direct sunlight. And you can easily teach these simple maintenance instructions to your receiver, and they too will not face any problems to following them.

Dried floral arrangements are recyclable and personalizable

The attractiveness of dried floral arrangements persists for years, and they can be recycled too. The receiver can also personalize these flowers into some new creation too. For example, in a special occasion, if you gifted a dry flower bouquet to your loved one, then the receiver may keep that floral arrangement in any vase for weeks or months. Later, that floral arrangement can be fragmented to make something totally new such as dried flower candles, framed dried flower petals, wall artwork, bath bombs, bespoke envelopes, etc.

Moreover, you can even customize these dried flowers to make unique gifts. You can use your favorite colored dried flowers and create personalized photo frames. You can use resin and make unique pendant or keychain for your loved one using dried flowers. For gifting home decor items, you can use sola balls and knit them using a thread to hang them from ceiling. You can also combine dried flowers or dried fruit peels. For your loved one’s birthday or anniversary handmade hanging wreath for doors or entrance can be a good choice.

With dried flowers you will get unlimited choices. You can simply gift the as such, or you can make something by your own. You can make potpourri to gift your loved one, to fill their home with amazing aroma. For artistic feel, you can purchase an elegantly crafted wooden box and fill potpourri in it. This box can be kept in the central of the dining table or over the mantelpiece.

So, for your upcoming celebrations, think unique and impress your loved one with a totally unexpected gift idea. Selecting dried flowers and palm leaves instead of fresh flowers and makes your gift unique from others, and can be cherished for a longer time.

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