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This Year Choose Dried Flowers as Your Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day when you express love and gratitude to the most special person of your life. While your loveable person will respect every gesture that you do for them from your heart, they will feel highly overjoyed when they collect a unique and exclusive gift. So, this year if you are looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift that will go afar from the predictable red roses and chocolate box, then try our Dried Flowers Collection of floral arrangements and expressive gifts.

Especially, we’d like to display our beautiful dried flower arrangements at our dry flower shop. Although fresh flowers are common choice, but dried flowers have their unique demand and benefits which may become the best choice of your loved ones this year.

Benefits of Gifting Dried Flowers as Valentine’s Day Gift

Dried flowers are brilliant gifts for anybody who praises unique beauty. Dry flowers can be dyed in numerous colors to match the event. If you recognize anyone who loves fried flowers, then this year gift them an elegant dried arrangement.

As fresh flowers max to the max last for 7-12 days on average that too with proper care, but dried flowers lasts for months, and sometimes it even last for nearly 3 years. Hence, dried flowers are ideal gift for someone who wants to look on their Valentine’s Day Gift arrangement for weeks and months later.

Low-Maintenance Flowers

As we all know, fresh flowers are beautiful, but they want water and other necessary care to keep their lustre. And when it comes about dried flowers, it can simply stay in a vase for longer time period and will only need dusting occasionally— which is perfect for someone who desires to keep their gifts for longer time. If you know anyone who wants to keep their gift for longer time with less maintenance efforts, then dried flower arrangement will be the best gift for them.

Let’s learn some simple tips to give dried flowers an extended life:

Avoid Moisture: Try to keep your dried flowers away from humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc. to avoid mold growth. Hence you should keep in mind that the more moisture that room will have, the lifespan of the dried flower will become shorter.

Dust Occasionally: To maintain the fresh appearance of the dried flowers you should gently dust them with a hairdryer with low and cold setting.

Mind the Lighting: Always protect your dried flowers from direct sunlight to avoid colors fading issue and also it will protect the stems from becoming brittle.

Buy our Dried Flower Bouquets

You can visit our dried flower shop to get new and long-lasting beautiful collections of dried flower Bouquets.

Bouquets Delivery at Your Door Step

You can visit our Website or Shop and Check out our most beautiful dried flower arrangements and schedule a delivery for Valentine's Day gift for your loved one and make their Valentine's Day special and memorable.

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