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Ways to Use Dried Flowers

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

A Flower is one of the most beautiful gifts we got from nature. Flowers have that supremacy that can help a person to express their emotions and feelings. Flowers have numerous properties such as color, design, fragrance, etc. Hence, flowers are used for plentiful purposes by humans. People use flowers to show prettiness and grab others' attention In several events or functions, flowers are used to gift or wish somebody. Many popular flowers signify state or country histories.

However, fresh flowers give us immense joy, but they wilt away very soon and the helplessness to preserve them puts people in guilt or grief. So, the only and the best way to preserve your precious memories are, dry them. Dried flowers can last longer and can be conserved for the future. Also, dried flowers have delicate feels and shades which is a unique beauty in its own way. Or, you can also create your memories with already dried flowers. You can simply buy dried flowers for decoration from natural dried flowers exporters.

So, now let’s have a look on those ways which we can follow to use Dried Flowers.

Make Dried Flower Candles

Making dried flower candles is one of the easiest to make DIY. These candles are mostly used for creating a romantic dinner setting for your companion. These candles are also used as great gifts.

Create Wreaths

Creating wreaths using dried flowers is another interesting DIY and a great technique to reuse dried flowers. One can use these wreaths to hang on doors or windows. These can also be custom as a piece of wall art. By adding additional things like ribbons, twigs or other pieces of natural elements can make the wreath an organic and stunning home décor piece.

Creating Potpourri

One can easily make potpourri using dried flowers. Basically, a dried flower potpourri is a combination of dried flower petals, essential oils, and spices in a vessel. The aroma of potpourri expands through a small chamber, and it is considered an awesome idea for home decoration. Also, one can place potpourri pouches inside their car so that the car will continuously scent fresh and pleasant.

Making Bath Bombs to Enhance Bathing Experience

One can make their bathing experience more exciting by using dried flower bath bombs. Bath bombs give a fresh feel and are quite advantageous for the body. Bath bombs can be made using a variety of dried flowers such as hydrangea, rose, and peony petals. Or, it can also be made using only one flower petal such as lavender petals or rose petals.

Drawer Cleaners

Dried flowers can also be used as drawer cleaners. The dried flowers can be placed inside envelopes or one can pleat them inside clothes dryer, under the pillow, drawers, etc. Even one can also mix essential oils with the dried flowers and stitch them into a little aromatic pouch to keep it in the closets and drawers. It will give a fresh fragrance to everything.

Home Decor

Dried flowers can be used in countless methods for home décor. They can be hard-pressed, framed, and dangled as a piece of wall art home décor item at living room, bedroom, or dining room. It can be kept in bud vases to make your home look attractive for a long time. Dried flower decorative balls can be used as a hanging piece in the center of the living room. Dried flowers can also be used to spruce up bathrooms. These can also be used as accessories, and by adding some essential oils, these can make the bathroom smell incredible for a long time.

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