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What are Shola Flowers? How to Use Them?

In today’s world, there are numerous alternatives to gorgeous & delightful fresh-cut blooms. If you are planning to gift flowers that retain their shape and color for a longer time, then you can go for shola flowers. These are the perfect flowers substitutes for lovely bouquets, wedding arrangements, and any crafty decorative.

Since shola flowers are growing in popularity, many people may have numerous queries about these ingenious and creative decorative. So, let’s learn everything about shola flowers and how you can use them.

What are Shola Flowers?

Shola flowers are created using dyed tuber of tapioca plant root. This tapioca tuber is amazingly light and soft, and can be easily converted into an authentic flower. By cutting & arranging beautiful shavings of this tuber, professionals can make flower petals that look & feels like a real flower. Also, dying with vibrant color not just makes each petal look beautiful but also feels like a real flower.

Why Pick Shola Flowers?

Decorators or crafters seek out shola flowers because of these last longer than fresh bouquets. With accurate care, shola flowers can last for years. This means that you can admire the work & care you give to a design project for a long time. And because of its long-lastingness it can be used as a perfect gifting item. Gifted fresh flowers bouquet to someone can be kept beautifully in a vase only for a few days until the flowers wilt. If you gift a shola flower bouquet to someone, then the recipient can happily decorate it for years.

Shola flowers are more sustainable than fresh flowers because they are long lasting. Rather than frequently replacing your fresh flower bouquets, you can admire the everlasting beauty of shola flowers. Also, these natural materials are eco-friendly when compared with fake flowers made using rubber, polyester, or latex.

Lastly, shola flowers are pollen-free substitutions to fresh as well as dried flowers. That directly means you can keep these lovely blooms in your home despite of worrying about allergies.

Ways to Use Shola Flowers

Knowledge about shola flowers makes it simpler for you to use them. Like real flowers, you can make use of shola flowers with or without the stems. Place the stems on to craft a lovely bouquet, or simply use the heads as decorative in shadow boxes, wreaths, etc. Lastly, if you miss the fragrance of fresh flowers, then add some flowery essential oils over your shola flowers for a pleasing fragrance.

Shola flowers are unbelievable replacements to delicate and fast-fading fresh flowers. To decorate any place or show your affection to your loved one, you can choose these gorgeously crafted selections from our Shola Flowers collection. You can also buy dried flowers online from our huge range of products. To know more about these beautiful shola flowers and other wonderful dried flower arrangements refer our blogs or contact us today.

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