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What should I do to start a Dried Flower Shop?

If you are planning to start a money-spinning dried flower shop with minimal investment of capital amount, then you are on the right page. In this blog, you will know about the checklist plan that will help you to start a dried flower shop/business.

The demand for high-quality dry flowers is growing day by day. Normally, flowers are one of the most lucrative plants and they can raise good profit for their growers. Usually, the decoration and gifting industries are the main customers of these flowers. And these flowers are popular because they last so long.

Initially this type of business needs little capital investment. Additionally, these flowers also have good export potential. And, there are countless avenues for selling these flowers which includes B2B.

You can start your business in either of the two ways. First, you can grow flowers at your garden and dry them for sale. Second, you can buy flowers from growers and then drying them for sale.

Basically, two types of processes are available for drying flowers, one is Sun Drying and another one is Machine Drying. So, as per your investment capacity, you can choose any.

Checklist Plan to Start a Dried Flower Shop/Business:

1. Create a Plan

Irrespective of your business size, create a plan for your business. It is most significant step and an inclusive plan can help you to start your shop in numerous ways. It is helpful for arranging initial capital and also to keep you in the accurate path. Usually, a plan for small businesses includes an managerial summary, objective, mission & vision, managing arrangement, marketing plans, and investments.

2. Business Agreements

After deciding the form of your business, gain all the essential permits and licences for your shop as soon as possible. If you start the shop with your own capital, then start it as the proprietorship. Also, check for the forthcoming tax obligations too. It majorly depends on the location of your business. In India GST registration is essential for start-ups.

3. Choose Correct Flowers Variety

Choosing the correct flower variety is very essential before growing them. And this can be done on various significant aspects and among those market demand is most important. Mostly, unique or difficult-to-grow flowers are more profitable than common ones. Also, the agroclimatic condition consideration is essential while growing the flowers.

4. Sourcing Quality Flowers

In case, if you are not able to procure flowers at your place then try to get it from local growers or dealers. Though, special attention is very essential while picking quality flowers. As, good-quality dried flowers can’t be produced from damaged flowers.

5. Flowers Drying Technique

Normally, the drying method significantly impacts on the quality and looks of dried flowers and other decorative plant parts. Currently, there are numerous diverse drying techniques available.

  1. Air Drying

  2. Press Drying

  3. Embedded Drying

  4. Oven Drying

  5. Glycerine Drying

  6. Freeze Drying

6. Packaging

Dry flowers are of delicate nature. So, they need special care at the time of storage and packaging. Furthermore, they need protection from all probable damages such as insect damages, physical damages, etc. It is suggested to add insecticides, fungicides, etc. before packaging to control insect or microbial damages. And for primary packaging, it is suggested to use polythene bags followed by safe outer packaging for easy transportation.

7. Marketing for your Dried Flower Shop

You must market your dry flower products offline and also through online techniques. Sell the flowers from your shop. Also, create proper supply channels. You can also go for Institutional selling.

And never ignore your online consumers. Online marketplaces are always the best opportunity for small business owners.

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